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Message 53 (December 2011)


Pictures courtesy of Colet Court Prep School, St Pauls.




Message 52 (December 2011)


Just to say that...." it was a brilliant show, a great experience and I enjoyed every moment of it."  Thank you for making it all such fun.


Ben Wiggins (played Nicholas Nickleby)



Message 51 (December 2011)


I enjoyed this musical for a number of different reasons from the extremely catchy songs to the awesome dancing but, I have to say that my favorite song was ‘Parents’ and my favorite scene by a long way was “the chase scene” whereI was dipping and dodging away from the Squeer’s familys punches in slow motion with strode Lighting.


Axel de Boissard (Played Smike)

Message 50 (December 2011)


Just wanted to congratulate you on what was a fantastic production of Smike - all the hard work paid off - it was an absolute pleasure to watch (3 times)! My son thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from the rehearsals to the end. He was slightly quiet on Sunday I think he was sad it was all over.



Message 49 (December 2011)


Hello Mr Foster, Just to say that we spent a fabulous evening last week on Wednesday. Many congratulations. It was fantastic. I am looking forward to showing the DVD to my husband and to my other son.


Kind regards,




Message 48 (December 2011)


The audiences were hugely entertained and the performers had a wonderful time. I know many of the boys enjoyed it so much, they wished it could run and run. Thank you Mr Foster for committing so much of your time, creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism to the play.




Message 47 (December 2011)


Dear Tom,


I'm sure you have had an inbox full of congratulations, but here is a late one to add to your list.  I think it was a really wonderful experience for them, and the show was an absolute treat to see (many DVDs on order from this house). Our son simply loved being in the show.





Message 46 (December 2011)


Dear Tom,


I would like to say a massive THANK-YOU to you for producing such a fantastic show. It really was the best I've ever seen at Colet Court. It was hard work, but I'm so glad that Miles was a part of it.



Message 45 (December 2011)


Dear Tom,


It was a triumph - many congratulations! It was indeed hard work at times for chorus members, but at the end of it, with set in place, Ed would never have wanted to miss out on the fun of the performances!!



Message 44 (December 2011)


Thanks to you... It was a fantastic production and Seb enjoyed it all enormously.



Message 43 (December 2011)


Dear Mr Foster,


Congratulations - the Musical was indeed a huge success. We were all very impressed with the hard work and dedication that has gone into it for the past month! Vittorio really enjoyed taking part and just mentioned this morning that he will miss the rehearsals and performances.



Message 42 (December 2011)


Dear Philip


I couldn't let the weekend pass without passing on my congratulations for Smike. We loved every minute of it (I came with 10 friends/family on Tuesday and 10 on Friday) the band was amazing - please pass on how impressed we were to the Paulines involved. The production itself was an absolute triumph and as always I can't begin to imagine how the boys/staff manage to pull off  such a high quality production in such a short period of time. One of the lovely things about the show was seeing what fun the boys were having taking part -their enthusiasm and energy was captivating.



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Message 54 (March 2012)


Pictures courtesy of Dolphins Dramatic Society Youth Group



Message 58 (May 2013)


SMIKE - Devizes Gazette & Herald May 16 2013



Message 57 (May 2013)


First Stages, Devizes , Wilts


"Thank you again for Smike and for all your wonderful support and encouragement.  We have loved every minute and I'm so sad it's all over.  The tears started on the first night and they're still there.  I will never forget this show ".  

Carole Berry First Stages


Photos by Chris Franklin



Message 56 (May 2013)


"One of the reasons we were eager to do this musical has to do with the themes at its very heart: bullying,violence and neglect, compassion, justice and freedom, self worth and true heroism. Not to imply that it isn't amusing and diverting  entertainment, because it is. But it is more.  More important than a good night out...."  


Lawrence Wilson, Director Rose Hill School.


"I am thrilled with Smike".  David Everist,  Musical Director Rose Hill School.


Pics from Rose Hill School Tunbridge Wells



Message 55 (November 2012)


"I first did Smike when i was 12 years old and took the title role, now some 30 years on i am directing and musical directing my own show. The music is still wonderful and has definitely moved with the times.

I know i will get a lot of pleasure once again from this fantasic musical."


Neil Mogridge


Giselle Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts, Portsmouth



Message 60 (May 2013)


‘I remember playing the Headmaster / Squeers in a 1980 production at the then Walton Comprehensive School in Peterborough.


Memories of the other songs and moments from our production came flooding back too. Surely a testament to the quality and longevity of the play and the classmates with whom I shared the experience.


I hope that the current crop of Smeetons, Nicholls, Miss Grants (et al) will also look back in a few years with as much affection towards their ‘Smikes’ as I do mine’


Clive Barnard



Message 59 (May 2013)


‘I was the title character in our school's production of this musical in 1990. Finding this site, and listening to the music again, has brought back a lot of very good memories. Thank you! ‘  


William Lacey


Message 61 (July 2013)


‘It is a memory we will keep forever and will never forget.  It was one of the best shows we’ve ever done at Summercroft Primary School.  Not all of us had a main part but we were all involved in the singing and dancing and enjoyed it as much as everybody else.’


Year 6 pupils at Summercroft Primary School



Message 62 (July 2013)


‘I really enjoyed playing Mr Squeers because I felt well suited to the role.’


Morgan – Year 6 Summercroft Primary School

Message 63(July 2013)


‘Playing the part of Smike at our local theatre is an experience I will never forget.’


Zena – Year 6 Summercroft Primary School

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